15 Diamond 2"x2" Recycled Paper Stickers
15 Diamond 2"x2" Recycled Paper Stickers
15 Diamond 2"x2" Recycled Paper Stickers

15 Diamond 2"x2" Recycled Paper Stickers

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The Stickers are 2" x 2" in size

The Sticker Sheet contains 15 Stickers to one sheet.

THE ORDER PROCESS -----------------------------------------------------------------

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PROOFING -----------------------------------------------------------------

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Proofs will need to be approved before printing. 


The label paper is 100% recycled and is both, compostable and recyclable following use. The sticker adhesive is made from a water based acrylic. The backing paper consists of siliconized white kraft paper. whilst this is not widely recyclable, this material can be used in a recycled manner to package and ship items or in other kraft projects as an example.

The paper stickers (not including any backing paper) can be regarded as compostable providing the sticker & adhesive constitutes less than 1% of the packing that is being composted. If you apply the sticker, for example, to a cardboard box then the 1% weight will apply to the total weight of that box.

DELIVERY -----------------------------------------------------------------

When sending out our orders Green Lemming doesn't send single use plastic or any unnecessary packaging.
Orders are shipped in a sturdy mailer for best protection on delivery, all packaging can be recycled.

PLANTING TREES------------------------------------------------------------------

Your orders help to plant trees in the Caledonian Forest!
See the trees we have planted so far here:https://treesforlife.org.uk/groves/green-lemming/

Green Lemming supports Trees for Life who help to restore the Caledonian Forest and all its constituent species of flora and fauna to the Scottish Highlands.


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